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About Pollmeier Inc

North American builders, architects, designer and homeowners have made European Beech the #1 preferred imported hardwood. Year round production of 12/4/ (2 15/16) thickness to the other thicknesses they cut year round. A Durable, moderately priced, close grain wood, very uniform in color and texture. From Forests that are managed by government law for sustainability (Our Beech is PEFS and FSC certified), 3rd party chain of custody. Pollmeier is proud to introduce the newest, only high-quality engineered hardwood product of its kind “Ingenious Hardwood BauBuche”. At Pollmeier, by the application of science, we have developed a new technology which allows us to economically product top-quality laminated veneer lumber from Beech for structural applications. We call it “BauBuche”, and we use only raw material from local and sustainably managed forests in its production. In one of the most modern production facilities in Europe, the tree is rotary peeled and transformed into a high-tech material with hardly any waste. BauBuche comprises boards and beams for timber constructions as well as panels for furniture and interior design. In BauBuche Panel, the veneer layers are perpendicular to the surface. It can be used for table-tops and sturdy work surfaces, ceiling and wall cladding, stairs and elegant wood flooring with a special hardness. BauBuche Panels can be machined like solid hardwood or hardwood boards, and their elegant veneer layers make them perfect for exposed timber work. The sanded surfaces are also ideal for further finishing. 866-432-0699 Toll Free. doug@pollmeierusa.com. www.pollmeier.com
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