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Elgin, IL 60123
United States of America

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About Centipede Tool, LLC

Centipede Tool is the product development company behind the Centipede® Portable Work System - an industrial strength platform capable of supporting thousands of pounds wherever needed, stowing away into the smallest corner when it isn’t. Featuring a unique patented steel frame design, the Centipede® Portable Work System is constructed of multiple steel struts that rest directly between the load and ground to support an incredible amount of weight while keeping even the thinnest materials from sagging. Struts are moved in tandem with flat steel cross bars flexible enough to absorb impacts and durable enough to ensure long-lasting smooth operation. Available in two models, the Centipede® Sawhorse supports surfaces with 6 struts over a 2’ by 4’ area. Rated for 1,500 pounds, it weighs only 11 pounds and collapses to 6” x 9”. The Centipede® SupportXL has 15 struts over a 4’ by 8’ area, is rated for 3,000 pounds, weighs 29 pounds and collapses to 9” x 14”. Durable polymer P-Tops atop each point of contact provide a work surface that won’t mark loads while avoiding contact damage between cutting blades and steel struts. Each P-Top is replaceable and spins 360 degrees to accommodate use of the included Quick Clamps, designed to keep materials in place, and X-Cups, which conveniently accommodate standard 2x4s for drop-in setup. Each kit comes in a carry/storage bag. Other configurations are easily developed to provide custom manufacturing solutions. Contact sales@CentipedeTool.com for more information.
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